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John A. Waldron Student Assistance Fund
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Named in memory of John Waldron, former Wausau School District Director of Pupil Services and Special Education, this fund addresses small emergencies and needs of low-income students to be able to be active in school and school-related activities that would otherwise not be possible.

To avoid accidental duplication, WSF asks that teachers, when possible, work with the school counselors to submit the application for funds. The application is available online or can be printed and filled out manually. Decisions and funds are usually released within 48 hours. 

Should there be an immediate need please contact:

Debi Traeder, Executive Director | wsdfound@wausauschools.org
715-261-0510 (School extension #21510).
Typically funded:

  • Health-related needs, such as medical, hygiene, dental, hearing, vision, etc.
  • Fees to participate in school activities such as field trips, sports, clubs, etc.
  • Needed items for participation, such as shoes, uniforms, other required materials
  • Transportation costs to participate in school-related activities
  • Transportation to and from school, such as bus passes, assistance with minor repairs to family vehicle, etc.
  • College entrance exams, auditions, etc.
  • Other needs as WSF allows on an individual basis

Typically not funded:

  • Housing costs
  • Major vehicle repairs or purchases
  • Extensive medical costs, such as surgeries, casts, etc.
  • Insurances
  • Other items as may be available through other community services

WSF maintains the right to choose whether an application will be fully or partially funded, or referred to other services. Disbursement for accepted applications will be based on monies available in the fund. Only WSD staff are permitted to apply for these funds.

WSF welcomes the opportunity to work with the schools and community service partners to ensure that students and their families receive the care and assistance they require to be safe and healthy.

Submit the form online

  • We agree to use the funds provided for the purpose approved by WSF. Any unused portion will be returned to WSF. When applicable, we will provide a receipt for the foundation’s files.
  • Information provided regarding the student(s) in this request will remain confidential and not disseminated for public information use in any way.
  • WSF does not discriminate nor makes decisions based on sex or sexual orientation, race, national origin, ancestry, religion, creed, pregnancy, marital or parental status, physical, mental, emotional or learning disabilities.
Whenever possible, please submit an electronic form via the website. These are automatically emailed to the foundation office. Hard-copies are acceptable, but may take longer in interoffice mail. Please contact Debi Traeder, Executive Director with any questions or immediate need. wsdfound@wausauschools.org or 715-261-0510 (Ext. 21510).

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