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Reach for the Stars Teacher Grants

Reach for the Stars Grants have been a signature project of the Wausau School Foundation since it began in 1999.

Grant Application Due Dates:
For Fall Semester: Applications accepted through October 15 for disbursement November 1
For Spring Semester: Applications accepted through March 15 for disbursement April 1

Projects may request any amount up to $2,000.
Project funding dependent on available monies in the Reach for the Stars program endowment for each semester. Grant applications are competitive. WSF maintains the right to choose whether an application will be fully or partially funded, or denied.


Reach for the Stars Grant Program Goals and Acceptance Criteria

  • The proposed project will provide educational opportunities that reach beyond the lesson plan and are educationally sound.
  • The proposed project will enhance instructional content through an innovative/creative component.
  • The proposed project will encourage an active role for the family in student learning when applicable.
  • The proposed project will motivate and inspire students and educators.
  • The budget is reasonable, complete, and sufficiently detailed to the best extent possible.
  • The methods, materials, resource personnel, timeline, and evaluation components are specified.


Contact: Debi Traeder, Executive Director wsdfound@wausauschools.org
School District Ext. #21510
Instructions for Application:

1. Please fill out the form provided and submit to WSF via the website, or by downloading the form to fill out manually and send to WSF via interoffice mail.
2. Be sure to include a complete project budget.
3. Grants requiring technology equipment need to have an estimate from the District Technology Department – (Contact: Linda C. Ext 21561 / lchristi@wausauschools.org) to guarantee the technology equipment is compatible WSD technology. Allow one week for completion of the estimate.
4. No need for long narratives – provide the essential information to help WSF understand the full scope of the project for evaluation.

Note: WSF does not discriminate nor makes decisions based on sex or sexual orientation, race, national origin, ancestry, religion, creed, pregnancy, marital or parental status, physical, mental, emotional or learning disabilities.

Grant Application Due Dates:

Applications for grants are accepted August 1- October 15 and January 1-march 15. Projects may request up to $2000.
Project funding is dependent on available monies in the Reach for the Stars program endowment fund. Grant applications are competitive. WSF maintains the right to choose whether applications are fully or partially funded or denied. Notification of grant decisions will be provided by November 30 for payout in January.

Reach for the Stars Grant Application - School

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  • We agree to use the funds granted for the purpose approved by the Wausau School Foundation.
  • We will complete and return the required evaluation report 30 days after completion of project or timeframe.
  • We will allow the Wausau School Foundation to use information provided in this proposal or any related photographs or video images for media releases, reports and other public informational
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    Grant Narrative:

    A. What school(s) will be participating in this project? B. How many teachers/staff will be engaged in this project? C. How many students do you hope to involve?

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